A good surprise

Personal and relationship problems have made the  last year fairly rough.  I am mentally stuck, and trying to try new things.  I want to get out there more, but I am also mostly introverted, which can make that difficult, so I’m taking baby steps into a new phase of my life.  My friend and I decided that this year we would go to concerts together.

This year we have seen –

Reel Big Fish–  Lots of fun.

Seether–  I sprang for the meet & greet tickets!  I was so nervous that I shook everyone’s hands and walked away.  Then someone said “hey, you get a picture too”.

Seether meet and greet.

Fred Armisan–  His set was great, and unusual.  He had another comedian with him, but he came out first, did about a half hour, then had the other person come out, then did a bit more.  The best part was the Q&A at the end of his set.

Punk in Drublic–  More nostalgia than anything.  Less Than Jake, NOFX…. And others.  NOFX was a little off-putting. In the first ten minutes of their set they made 4 different racial comments/jokes, and it was uncomfortable, so we left early.

Modest Mouse–  I have liked them for years, and they put on a great show.

Jimmy Eat World–  Great show.  My friend did not attend, but I went with my husband and brother.  After their set my brother’s friend asked if we wanted to meet them. (Of course). So we headed out of the venue to the back entrance and there they were!  Good surprise!

My brother Dave and I with Jim from Jimmy Eat World.

Cherry on top of a great concert year…………. 

Foo Fighters in December!!  They have never been to Boise and I cannot wait!


Weekend snapshot

This summer my husband and I have been exploring and going on different hikes around Idaho.  We usually spend a lot of time on the local Greenbelt which runs along the river for about 45 miles, but we had a lot of snow this winter which resulted in flooding for most of the Greenbelt.  So I picked up this book I saw at work called Boise Trail guides.

It’s amazing how you can live in a city for 27 years and still be surprised. 

I am however not surprised that my dog found this poop.


Ready to break in these bad boys!

I would like to be a runner.  I always have. I’m 30… a little late to start, but, better late than never.  I am going Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2 and 3 miles each time.  So far, I love it and my dog loves it.  I love the sweat, I love the feeling of thinking about nothing, I can relax when I run.  I have suffer from major depressive disorder and anxiety, and I feel like I can clear my head when I’m running.

I use the app Map my Run.  I am in the 13 minute pace, hoping to get faster, but not essential to “success”.

Success for me would be doing my first marathon.



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